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The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Working

In the wake of the initial lockdowns of COVID-19, where governments required offices to send workers home in droves, many companies had to adapt quickly to continue trading. Thanks to the connectivity enabled by the Internet, it wasn’t long before most businesses were still able to function through remote working.  Video calling technologies such as

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Fostering Well-being at Work

This World Wellbeing Week, we are focusing on fostering well-being at work. Work can be stressful for many, but investing in employee well-being can help tackle the causes of stress and create a more motivated, engaged, and productive workforce.  What is Well-being? Well-being is broadly defined as the state of being comfortable, happy, and healthy;

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open door policy

Establishing an Open Door Policy

Establishing an open door policy in the workplace can have numerous benefits for the company and its employees.  What Is an Open Door Policy? An open door policy simply means that all managers, regardless of their position, are available to listen to the staff. This approach gives employees the freedom to speak openly with senior

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Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity is a term that many people may not have heard of or may not understand. However, being neurodivergent is incredibly common, and while it can make work challenging, there are many ways to foster neurodiversity in the workplace. What is Neurodiversity? Neurodiversity refers to the way that the brain works. Some people process information

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The Impact of Social Isolation

“Because social contact is such a fundamental human need, we suffer both mentally and physically without it.” ~ Prof. Judy Brown MD, PhD The recent months have seen us return to some form of normality, and with the reduction of pandemic restrictions, we’re beginning to emerge from the isolation of our homes and rejoin our

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prescription medication

The Rise of Prescription Medication Addiction

Prescription medication misuse is the use of medication in a way that is different from what a doctor intended, and it has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prescription medications have legitimate medical purposes, unlike illicit drugs; however, several prescription medicines as prescribed by healthcare services such as opioid painkillers, sedatives, stimulants, and psychotherapeutics have the

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Alcohol and Anxiety

Alcohol is one of the most used drugs in the UK, with an estimated 602,391 dependent drinkers. However, only 18% of people are receiving treatment[1] and statistics demonstrate that since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an exponential increase in hazardous drinking behaviours. Monthly YouGov surveys have demonstrated the following increase in those deemed at

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4 Tips to Navigate the Christmas Period

Christmas is nearly upon us. The city streets are filled with people, and market stalls offering mulled wine and candied nuts appear outside our offices. Gifts are given, champagne corks pop, and loved ones are once again around us. It’s a whirling cacophony of socialising, office parties, client dinners, and a whole host of events

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4 Tips for Staying Safe and Sober During the Holidays

The holidays can be a joyful yet stressful time, especially for those in recovery. Though family parties and office gatherings are enjoyable, they can also be full of triggers and negative influences, making staying sober a challenge.  Whether you are in recovery or are looking to remain sober during the holiday period, we are sharing

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4 Signs of “Functional” Addiction

There are many myths surrounding the nature of addiction, perpetuated by both the media and people’s own misconceptions and assumptions. One of these is the physical and mental state one must be in to be classified as addicted. The popular stereotype of rock bottom addiction means complete destitution, homelessness, and near-death experiences. While all of

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5 Handy Tips for Sober Socialising

Being new to sobriety is a time of immense change – we’ve managed to break free of the physical hold substances had on us, and we’re keeping the mental cravings at bay. However, recovery isn’t a static process, and you need to remain dynamic to sustain it. One of the most common worries people have

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Connection, Addiction, and Loneliness in the Modern World

“The opposite of addiction is connection.” – Johann Hari The recent pandemic has resulted in most working professionals being confined to their houses, and many jobs have moved to work from home permanently. The ‘new normal’ for many means days without face-to-face contact with other humans, except for video calls. Even before COVID, TUC analysis

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